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Company Profile

Jupiter GSM was established in 2015 in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), on a thriving legacy consisted of 22 years of experience in wholesale trading and distribution of consumer electronics.

Jupiter GSM is mainly active in international Trading and Distribution of Consumer Electronics, Real Estate and Angel Investment & Acceleration of Start-Ups. Our company has a strong global presence with its offices worldwide in critical locations with high numbers of business transactions. Currently, Jupiter GSM is present in Dubai, Vienna and Hong Kong.

Jupiter GSM, via its infrastructure plays a key role in channeling the power of cutting-edge technology to the consumer market with various operating divisions, service centers, sales channels and support teams. Today, we proudly work with the most innovative and esteemed global brands such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Huawei to name a few.

Our Philosophy

At Jupiter GSM, work is at the center of our lives; every morning we come to work with an understanding of and appreciation for life. Hence, we push our limits to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and companies, which we gladly serve.

We always seek creative ways to provide efficient and high quality services. Our respect for what we do when combined with our passion for the sectors we have been involved in enable us to deliver impeccable results.

Due to the nature of the fast-paced work environment, our work is challenged by several fixed and unfixed parameters on a daily basis. However, it is in our legacy not to fear any business challenge and religiously work to correct mistakes, improve business lifecycles, add value to the business models and consequently, be an exemplary force at a global scale.

We take pride in and immensely value our heritage as well as our business ethics, which we are strongly committed to.


We aim to be one of the frontier conglomerates in the global business world perceived as a source of innovation, superior customer care and highly reputable services, always keenly pursuing sustainable growth practices.


Our mission is to serve the business world not only with the best selection of products and services but also through our firm standing and principles.

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Through our deep market knowledge and capilary international network we can deliver
reliable market information advancing your forecast and marketing activities